In 2015, OLLI creator Lloyd Elder was growing increasingly frustrated by the video calls he regularly enjoyed with his young son, Oliver, who lives over 4,600 miles away.

While the audio and video quality was typically reliable, the experience was diminished by poor ergonomics and needless distractions associated with Lloyd holding or propping up his smartphone (and his son using a fixed laptop webcam) during the call. 

Searching for an answer, he quickly discovered that the vast majority of smartphone stands on the market were overly simplistic "easels," not much different than leaning a smartphone up against a coffee mug or laptop screen — offering minimal improvement to his video calling experience. There had to be a better way...

Inspired, Lloyd set out to create the perfect smartphone companion, one designed specifically for today's video-rich, mobile lifestyle. Teaming up with fellow entrepreneurs and a group of product design and manufacturing experts, the project team spent the next 18 months working on product R&D. After multiple product concepts, design attempts, and working prototypes, the team landed on the intelligent, sophisticated smartphone caddy featured here — the OLLI.

We're excited to bring Lloyd's vision to reality. Proceeds from our Fall 2017 crowdfunding campaign will offset factory tooling costs, packaging design and development, and the first production run for this revolutionary new mobile lifestyle product.