OLLI...get your arm back

Where will YOU use OLLI?

Why is OLLI the perfect partner for your smartphone?


    OLLI goes where you go. 
    The trusted go-to for you and your smartphone, OLLI is always at the ready — at home, in the office, or on the road.


    OLLI focuses on YOU.
    Whether you’re standing up, sitting down, or flat on your back, OLLI's exactly where you need him to be.


    OLLI is intelligent.
    Mobile interactions and experiences are easily extended by OLLI’s thoughtfully integrated, certified power bank.


    OLLI is simply gorgeous.
    Clean, crisp lines, high-end materials, and rich accents seamlessly complement any décor, in any setting.

Rise up

Rise up

OLLI's Aluminum arm — provides up to 17-inches (432mm) of lift for your smartphone so your camera, or videos,  look you right in the eyes. How many of the cheap plastic stands do that?  Answer: None

Anodized copper finish

Matte black polycarbonate case

Ultrathin smartphone back plate


Compact form factor with patent-pending, fully-collapsible arm, designed to easily slip into a purse, briefcase, backpack, or jacket pocket — for when life gets on the go.

7.5" (25mm) L x  5.5" (140mm) W x 0.75" (19mm) H

Weighs 450 grams (less than a pound!)

12-inch (305mm) vertical arm extension

500 gram arm load capacity  


Sturdy yet lightweight arm, low-friction hinges, and smooth base rotation enable easy, optimal positioning — for video calls and movie or TV watching.

7-way adjustability

180° degree arm rotation

360° degree device rotation and full tilt

Universal, magnetic smartphone mount


Integrated USB power bank keeps your dead device going strong — wherever you are.

Lithium-ion polymer (LiPo) battery, with smart charging features

LED battery life and device charging indicator

3-foot, Micro-USB to USB 2.0 charging cable


Where can I get my OLLI?

OLLI is currently available for pre-order, featuring awesome savings and free shipping for our earliest customers. Reserve your OLLI today!

What smartphones are compatible with OLLI?

OLLI has a universal, magnetic smartphone mount and will work with any device under 500 grams in weight, with the OLLI back plate affixed to the back of device or slipped in between device and its case.

For reference purposes, the iPhone 7 Plus with a case on weighs about 200 grams (depending on the case).

Can I use OLLI if I have a case on my smartphone?

Absolutely. The OLLI back plate may be easily inserted in between your smartphone and the inside of your case, just like you would a $20 bill. (You don't even need to use the back plate adhesive if your smartphone has a case.)

And some newer smartphone cases already have a metal plate in them, so they are OLLI-ready right out of the box!

How — exactly — does OLLI hold my smartphone?

It's magic! 

But, seriously, OLLI uses a magnetic mount to securely hold your smartphone on the arm — with full, 360° device rotation on the protective silicone tab. To use the mount, you simply need to place the OLLI metal back plate (.5mm thick, or half the thickness of a typical credit card!) in between your device and its case.

You may also choose to adhere the back plate to the inside or outside of your case, using the 3M® adhesive backing. Or, if you don't use a case with your smartphone, you may adhere the back plate directly to your device (as shown on this site).

Does the OLLI come with a warranty?

Yes. NexVidea, Inc. offers a 6-month, limited warranty on the OLLI smartphone caddy. If your OLLI has any defects or isn't working right within 180 days of purchase, we're happy to exchange it for a new or comparable one at no additional cost. Click here for the warranty details.

How much does OLLI cost?

We are currently working with our manufacturing partners to finalize production costs. We expect that the OLLI will retail between US$69 and US$129. Our early earliest fans will get to take advantage of some great savings and free shipping by pre-ordering. Reserve your OLLI today!

Is OLLI available everywhere?

Not yet. Initially, we will be shipping to backers in the United States and Canada only. We intend to expand to other countries, beginning in 2018. (In the meantime, drop us an email at olli@nexvidea.com and let us know where you live!)

How do you pronounce OLLI?

Thanks for asking! OLLI is pronounced "AH-lee."